Taho's World of Weight Loss

Getting Started

  • Make up your mind to be committed.
    • Be committed to the challenges and rewards that lie ahead. Sincerely and truly make up your mind. Know in your heart that you CAN do this.

  • Create your support team.
    • Talk to anybody you can trust to be on your side, to support you no matter what. Discuss what you know will challenge you, ideas on how you can overcome your challenges, and scripts that your friend can use to help you get into your self-empowered mindset.

  • Plan your goals.
    • Write them. Know which goals will be easier to achieve and let them empower you. Know which goals will be more challenging and plan how you can and will achieve them. Sort out short-term and long-term goals. Revisit them often and check them off when you achieve them. Revise and add to your goals as needed for continuous progress.

  • Give yourself productive rewards.
    • Your successes are very big deals. Celebrate them.

Need Help?

  • Click on the discussion tab and add your questions or discussions.
    • I will reply and, when possible, make suggestions of other resources that could help.
    • Suggested menus and fitness and nutrition plans in this wiki are from the Body for Life web site.
    • This wiki is nothing more than my personal tracking strategy.